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The IDI mission is to bring together Igbo Professionals and Intellectuals globally to pool resources in order to establish and promote a financial institution to raise fund for industrialization of Igboland. To be member of IDI, intending member needs to believe in the IDI ideals, business value preposition and herd mentality aka UkwuAzizá.

IDI initial registration fee is one hundred USD ($100.00) and ongoing annual due of one hundred and twenty USD ($120.00) only thereafter.

To register with IDI, please answer the following:

If your answers to both questions above are yes please register.

Declaration: I read and understood questions #1 & #2 above; my payment of the IDI registration fee signifies my acceptance and agreement with them. I further I agree that my payment of IDI registration fee obligates me to make a minimum capital investment of $1000 to the proposed IDI Financial Institution (FI).


  1. IDI initial registration fee of $100.00 and ongoing annual subscription of one hundred USD ($120.00) is for IDI Administration.
  2. $1000 is for investment in IDI Financial Institution (FI) with ROI expectation .

Kindly click “Accept” button below to agree to our mission and philosophy as seen on the home page of this website or “Decline” button to return to the Home page.

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