IDI Roadmap


IDI Roadmap with Staged-Gate Implementation based on Milestone and Deliverables. 

The objective of IDI Roadmap is to put in place the process for implementing IDI vison and mission as enunciated in the IDI Constitution:

  1. Vision:

To establish and promote a financial institution to generation funds for the development of Igboland, aka Alaigbo.

  1. Mission Statement:

To bring together Igbo Professionals and Intellectuals globally to pool resources in order to establish and promote a financial institution for the purpose of funding industrialization in Igboland.

  1. The Process

To avoid ambiguity, ensure that any Igbo son or daughter who decides to join the Igbo Development Initiative, (IDI) Inc. is fully aware, understands and in complete agreement with the vision and mission of the organization, the IDI Inc. management team after thorough analysis of the goal for establishing the organization and wide consultations decides to articulate the organization’s process to success as follows:

  • Step 1:

Establish and register an organization, herein called and known as Igbo Development Initiative, (IDI) Inc. and to facilitate the administration and realization of IDI mission:

  1. Write and adopt IDI Constitution
  2. Establish Critical Committees (Constitution, Finance, Investment/Fundraising; Legal etc.)
  3. Register Igbo Development Initiative (IDI) Inc. in United States of America
  4. Open IDI business bank account in the United States of America for IDI business transactions
  5. Formalize admission of members into IDI Inc. in line with the IDI constitutional group beliefs and requirements. Do you as a member believe in IDI vision/mission tick one: [Yes or No ]? Yes, to admit
  6. Register IDI members who believe in IDI ideals, business value preposition and herd mentality aka Ukwu Azizá, with one hundred and twenty USD ($120.00).
  7. Subscription of, at least, one IDI Inc. share capital of $1000.00 investment fund within six months of registration. This investment share capital shall remain cash until IDI Inc. FI is established only then the investment share capital automatically converts to share(s) with IDI Inc. Financial Institution. Upon payment of the minimum of $1000.00 investment share capital, a bond certificate to the equivalent of your investment share capital shall be issued to you.
  8. Subsequently, charge one hundred and twenty USD ($120.00) annual dues applicable to all registered IDI Members commencing a year after the initial registration.
  9. Create IDI Inc. world class website for ads, receiving payments and business transactions
  10. Action items #s a – d have been accomplished ✔
  11. Action items #s e – k are ongoing


  • Step 2: Fund Aggregation and Creation of Financial Institution (FI)
  1. Capital Investment/Fundraising Committee Report on Sources of Funds for FI
    1. Submits Committee Report to Management Team (MT)
    2. MT Reviews and Prepares Recommendation(s)
  • MT Presents Recommendation(s) to General Assembly
  1. General Assembly Reviews, Accepts, Rejects, or Modifies Recommendation(s)
  2. MT Implements General Assembly Approved Recommendation(s)


  1. Financial Committee Reports on Type of Financial Institution to be Established
  2. Submits Committee Report to Management Team (MT)
  3. MT Reviews and Prepares Recommendation(s)
  • MT Presents Recommendation(s) to General Assembly
  1. General Assembly Reviews, Accepts, Rejects, or Modifies Recommendation(s)
  2. MT Implements General Assembly Approved Recommendation(s)


  1. Appointment of Outside Consultants to advise IDI on “Fit for Purpose” Fasted money generating Financial Institution model including, but not limited to the following:
  2. MT selects, screens and presents a list of selected consultants to review IDI Inc. recommended Financial

Institution (FI)  ii. Consultant reviews the recommended FI

  • Consultant advises on regulatory landscape and impacts to FI selected
  1. Consultant prepares a 5-year projection of revenue estimates; requirements, growth, Risks and Returnson-Investment (ROI) for the recommended FI
  2. Consultant advises on “fit for purpose” Institutional Investors and how to attract them
  3. Submit final report to Management for inputs and presentation to the General Assembly approval.
  • General Assembly Reviews, Accepts (approve) or Rejects the report


  1. MOU and Associated documents Required for Establishing Financial Institution
  2. Constitution Committee drafts an MOU/Associated FI documents for IDI Inc.
  3. Submits Committee draft to Management Team (MT)
  • MT reviews, provides inputs and prepares revised draft iv. MT presents revised draft MOU to General Assembly
  1. General Assembly Reviews, Accepts, Rejects, or Modifies the MOU
  2. MT Implements General Assembly Approved MOU as IDI Guidance for FI e. Wealth Creation via Establishment of accepted Financial Institution (FI) i. Establish FI Board
  3. Register Financial Institution preferably in Delaware, United States of America
  • Open FI business Account in the United States of America for receiving funds and FI business transactions
  1. Aggregate fund from non-IDI individuals, organizations and institutional investors by selling shares or unit trusts.
  2. Create wealth


  • Step 3: Development of Igboland aka Alaigbo Development via:
  1. Direct Funding for Projects in Alaigbo via
    1. Free will Donations
    2. Grants
  • Loans iv. Partnerships
  1. Loans – Establish Special Project Vehicle(s) (SPVs) for use in Alaigbo development to shield IDI and FI from Alaigbo related development risks a.k.a Alaigbo industrialization in the following areas: Manufacturing
  2. Agriculture
  • Infrastructure Transportation
    1. Health
    2. Education
  • Communication
  • Science/Engineering/technology


  1. Alaigbo Development Project Selection and Implementation Process: Establish the following:
  2. Project Selection Team to select, assess risks and recommends projects to MT
  3. Project Implementation Team to oversee project execution and completion
  • Project Oversight Team (POT) to include IDI, Donors, Grant giving body or in the case of Loans, the loan giving partners


  • Ideation Process and Standard Operation Procedure: All Ideas are welcome from IDI Members
  1. Bring and discuss your ideas with appropriate Committee ideas will be referred to– ideation step 1 b. Committee deliberates with you on your idea(s)
    1. Committee make recommendation on your idea(s) to Management Team
    2. Management Team-Reviews, provides inputs/recommendation(s) to membership
    3. Membership: Accepts, rejects or modifies.

Note: – Management recommends that all current IDI intending members in IDI WhatsApp platform be grandfathered provided each individually subscribes to 1) IDI group believe, 2) Agree that payment of $120 IDI Inc. membership registration fee signifies voluntary consent to IDI vision, mission, ideals, goals, objectives and development roadmap, and 3) Accepts that any new ideas a member has, that will enhance the realization of the stated IDI Inc. goals and objectives shall be channeled through relevant Committee for analysis, acceptance rejection or modification consistent with ideation process enunciated in this document. 


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